TRIPLE TALAQ BILL- Central government banned the Oral Divorce system for Muslims women

December 16, 2017 | By Pradhan Mantri Yojana | Filed in: Pradhanmantri yojana.

Proposal of Triple talaq bill is approved by pradhanmantri Modi cabinet. Meanwhile, Supreme Court has already mentioned “instant” triple talaq system a punishable offence. So, in accordance with the Supreme Court the central government passed the bill. Pradhanmantri Modi government passed this bill to reduce suffering of Muslim Women.

triple talaq bill

During the time of proposal, the bill was sent to all states of India. In that draft bill there was a proposal to make triple talaq bill a non-bail offence. However anyone who gives talaq oral, written, through SMS, or any social media, he will get jail of 3 years. According to this bill the triple talaq is illegal and unconstitutional. Main motive of this bill is to empower the Muslim women and give them relief by this Triple talaq system.


Highlights of Triple talaq Bill

Details of this bill as follows:-

  • According to this bill the Instant triple talaq is illegal, Punishable and non-bailable crime.
  • According to the proposal of this bill the triple talaq given through Whatsapp is illegal. Triple talaq by using any electronic media by E-mail, SMS, illegal and punishable.
  • Muslim men now cannot give talaq in any oral, written form.
  • In addition, any women victim of triple talaq system can file complaint in police station.
  • Victim Muslim women can go to Court to seek the custody of their children.
  • On the other hand the Muslim women can ask for the money to seek the custody of their children to her Husband. The amount will be declared by the Magistrate
  • No doubt any Muslim men who give triple talaq can get jail of 3 years.

However, there are 66 cases of instant triple talaq in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar only. So, Pradhanmantri Modi set up a ministers group to focus on triple talaq issue. Top ministers which are included to examine this issue are:-

Mr. Rajnath singh Home Minister
Mrs. Sushma Swaraj Foreign Minister
Mr. Ravi shankar prashad Law Minister
Mr. Arun jaitely Finance Minister

The issue to end instant triple talaq was the campaign of Uttar Pradesh government in the election 2017. Central government prepare this bill after Supreme Court describes it as unconstitutional act. For this reason central government create draft of this bill and sent to all states. Many states come for the support of this bill.

In conclusion triple talaq bill will provide the respect to Muslim women. They can complaint against their husband for instant triple talaq. Minor children are also can regain their dignity. Meanwhile many Muslims are against this bill and want change it in terms of “ISLAM”.

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