Surya raitha scheme Karnataka- Solar water Pump set to Farmers 2018

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Karnataka government launched the Surya raitha scheme in state. This scheme is launched to help farmers of the state. Motive of scheme is to increase the agriculture production in Karnataka. In addition this scheme will be decrease the use of electricity. As previously farmers use electricity for water pumps in their farms. And the use of electricity results in more electric bills. Therefore, with surya raitha scheme Karnataka irrigation pump will replaced by solar water pump. For this reason scheme is launched by the state government in Kanakapura on 19th January 2018.

However surya raitha scheme Karnataka is announced on September 2014 to fulfil the basic need of farmers.

As a result scheme is launched on Friday 19th January 2018. Furthermore scheme will help the farmers by irrigate their fields in daytime using solar irrigate pump. As previously farmers irrigate their fields in night results in wastage of water.

surya raitha scheme Karnataka

Details of surya raitha scheme Karnataka

Below are the full details of scheme: –

  • In initial phase of scheme the state government will replace 310 sets of irrigation pump with solar pumps.
  • Solar pump has the capacity to pump water more as compared to irrigation pump. Capacity is 1.5times more than the irrigation pump.
  • State government collects the funds for this scheme from various farmer investments.
  • Moreover the loan is delivered through the Bangalore electricity supply company (BESCOM). Loan amount is free from interest and will recover by the BESCOM through the cost of energy in the grid.
  • Tariff will be fixed by the Karnataka electricity regulation commission (KERC). And the revenue will deposited in the account of Escrow.

Role of Bangalore electricity supply company (BESCOM)

BESCOM will follow the following role: –

  • Financial assistance to the farmers will be provided by BESCOM in the form of loan and subsidy.
  • Up to 25 years power purchase agreement of farmers will be ensured by BSECOM.
  • Farmers co-operative will be created by BESCOM and also provide the soft loan to the farmers.
  • Power supply for irrigation purposes will be regular without any interruption. Also this will ensure by BESCOM.

Benefits of surya raitha scheme Karnataka to farmers

Following are the benefits of surya raitha scheme: –

  • With the new implementation of this scheme, farmers can save a lot amount of money. As previously the cost of electricity is replaced by the solar pumps.
  • They can now irrigate their land without any interruption of electricity. And this results in more production.

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