Seven star/colour scheme For development of Gram Panchayat of Haryana

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Haryana panchayat scheme – 7 star village scheme in Haryana

Haryana government has launched the seven star village schemes. This scheme is the part of haryana panchayat scheme of state. In this scheme the haryana government will provide benefits to various village panchayat. Meanwhile Haryana government launched various scheme in the state. These schemes are Bhavantar bharpai yojana 2018 and Haryana yuva saksham yojana 2018 .

In seven star village schemes state Government will award village panchayat to contribute in scheme.


haryana panchayat scheme

Details of 7 star village scheme

In 7 star village schemes state government will provide various benefits to panchayat. These benefits are listed below: –

  • State government will identify the various gram panchayat.
  • These gram panchayat will be identified on the basis of their work.  And the Development works done by gram panchayat will be awarded.
  •  In addition Gram Panchayat will get benefits on the basis of seven star rating given to them.
  • “Seven star rating” is the type of colour which will be given to gram panchayat under haryana panchayat scheme .
  • Meanwhile under this colour system different types of awards will be given for development works.
  • Motive of seven star village schemes is to increase the living standard of people comes under haryana panchayat scheme in state.

Colours list in haryana panchayat scheme(seven star village scheme)

Seven colours list in seven star village schemes is listed below: –

  • Pink Colour: – As the sex ratio in haryana is skewed. Therefore state government will give pink colour to gram panchayat which improve sex ratio in their panchayat. In other words panchayat whose performance is good in sex ratio will get this pink colour award.
  • White colour: – This colour is awarded to that gram panchayat who score best in cleanliness. Furthermore this colour will also award to maintain hygiene in gram panchayat.
  • Green colour: – Without air we cannot live. And the good environment is necessary for good air. Therefore the green colour is awarded to that gram panchayat who score best in healthy environment.
  • Saffron colour: – Crime in every state is big issue. And this colour will be given for reduction of crime of gram panchayat. Therefore this colour will award to crime free gram panchayat.
  • Sky Colour: – This colour given to gram panchayat which is best in education. In other words there should be no drop outs in village to get sky colour.
  • Golden colour: -Good government generate satisfaction among people. And this colour is given to gram panchayat which is best in good governance under haryana panchayat scheme in state.
  • Silver: – If gram panchayat involves in development activities in panchayat. Then this colour is award to gram panchayat for maximum involvement in development activities.

In conclusion government of haryana launch the identification process in the systematic manner. As a result the selected panchayat will receives grants and award under haryana panchayat scheme in state.

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