Odisha Nidan scheme –Free diagnostic and free sahay services from 1 January 2018

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Under the leadership of Naveen Patnaik, Odisha government launches four health care services to people of Odisha. Diagnostic services are free of cost to all patients in public health facilities in the state. The Odisha Nidan scheme is going to start from 1 January 2018. Meanwhile the official announcement of scheme is done by CM Naveen Patnaik in December 2017.

CM announced that the state government is committed to take care of the health of their citizens specially the poor ones. Now the poor population can get the free treatment of all expensive medical tests. Furthermore, 4 schemes are launched in health care and these will be effective from 1 January 2018.

These four schemes names are Nidan Scheme, Sahay scheme, Anmol yojana, and Ama clinic yojana.

Highlights of the Odisha Nidan Scheme: –

Free Diagnosis: – Nidan scheme launched by CM Naveen Patnaik includes the free diagnosis facility. Poor patients that are unable to bear the cost for diagnosis will get free treatment under this scheme. All the cost for the treatment will be bear by the state government and National health Mission department of Indian government.

Sahay Scheme: – Under this scheme state government of Odisha will provide the free dialysis treatment. Previously the poor patients of kidney have to go for regular dialysis which was very costly. So scheme will help them as regular check up is required to kidney patients.

Dialysis machines: – State government of Odisha is going to provide the dialysis machines of around 126 in the state. And these machines are being installed to these hospitals at the end of March 2018.

The main motive of these schemes is to reduce the Infant mortality rate (IMR). In addition state government provides the free test for pathology tests, digital x-ray, CT scan and MRI test under PPP mode. Total expenses of the state government will be 600 crore for next 5 years.

More about Odisha Nidan Scheme: –

Under this scheme the services of special doctors will be available. In addition, Eye specialist, Gynaecology, Paediatrician, Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist and many more consultants will be available.

Furthermore, Anmol tablets will be provided by the government to the nurses. With the use of the latest technology Nurses can handle quickly the patients. About 1150 Primary health care centres and 180 government hospitals will implement this scheme.

Primary health care centres, Ayurvedic centre, Mobile care centre, community health care and homeopathy health care, Diagnosis centre will come under this scheme.


On the other hand the average expensive for checking the CT scan and Ultrasound is Rs.1000 and RS.500. And the cost of checking is also very high in private Hospitals. Therefore, to help poor families government launch this Odisha Nidan scheme in the State.




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