motor vehicle act and fines India- Fine Increase up to 10% every year

December 24, 2017 | By Pradhan Mantri Yojana | Filed in: Pradhanmantri yojana.

Union Cabinet approves the motor vehicle act and fines India traffic violation on annually bases on road accident. Changes are made on the Motor vehicle bill 2017 that proposes more penalties for various traffic offenses. In fact under this bill fine increase on drink and drive challan, attending phone call during driving, over speeding driving, without seat belt, without helmets, driving without license. Bill is already cleared by the Lok Sabha and pending for the approval of the Rajya Sabha.

Under this bill there are major proposes made on insurance sectors. As per Bill a specific timeline is declared for the insurance claim. Accident victim’s family will get the claim of Rs. 5Lakh within four months of accident. Presently it takes four to five years to get insurance claims.

motor vehicle act and fines india

If accidental death, happens in hit and run case Rs.2Lakh proposes in the bill, which is 10% higher from present amount.

Offence and motor vehicle act and fines India

Provisions under this Motor vehicle bill are listed below:-

  • Drink and Drive: – Drink and drive is the main cause of road accident. Many deaths in India are happened due to drink and drive road accident. Therefore the amendment bill proposed the fine increase of Rs.10000 from existing Rs.2000 in drink and drive challan cases.


  • Talking on Mobile phones while driving: – Talking on mobile phones while driving will result into more fines to be paid. The existing amount is Rs. 1000 and now fine increase is Rs.5000.


  • Jumping red light: – The Amendment bill proposed the amount of Rs.1000 for jumping red light offence while driving. This amount is replaced by existing Rs.300. The fine increase is Rs.700.


  • Drive without helmet and without seat belts: – Rs. 1000 fine increase is proposed under this motor vehicle act and fines India. Previously the fine was Rs.100 and now it is increased by Rs.1000. wearing seat belts is safe if road accident happens.


  • Minors causing fatal road accident and caught driving: -Amendments to the proposal law includes the jail of 3 years to the family of minors. In addition Rs. 25000 penalty have to pay by the minor family. In proposed bill the victim of road accident family will get compensation of Rs. 5Lakh from existing 2 Lakh.

Meanwhile lok sabha already passed the bill and under the Rajya sabha approval.

Other proposals in this motor vehicle act and fines India are easy online vehicle registration, insurance learner license, Vehicle recall policy. Therefore in this bill transparency will be insured as dealers can have to apply online for registration processes instead to visit RTO. In conclusion if this bill implemented then it is going to replace the existing Motor vehicle Act 2001.



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