Free treatment in Delhi hospitals for road accident Victims scheme launched in Delhi

December 13, 2017 | By Pradhan Mantri Yojana | Filed in: Delhi, Pradhanmantri yojana.

Delhi Cabinet accepted the proposal of Free treatment in Delhi hospitals scheme. Any person who is the accident Victim in the state will get the free treatment in hospital under this scheme. Persons which are road accident and Acid attack Victims will get the free treatment in any Government and Private Hospitals. Treatment cost will be bear by the Delhi government of every road accident and acid attack Victims in the state.

Free treatment in Delhi hospitals

Previously Delhi government has launched a scheme. Under which the victims was admit in hospital within an hour. In addition to this scheme now Delhi government is going to provide free treatment of all road accident victims in any hospital.

Highlights of the Free treatment in Delhi hospitals scheme in Delhi

Details of this scheme are:-

  • Proposal is approved by CM Arvind Kejriwal and now sent for the approval of the Delhi Governer.
  • Delhi Government will provide the free treatment to the victims of three incidents. Road accident, Fire incidents and acid attack victims. No doubt, there is the availability of free treatment to these victims in Both Government and private hospitals.
  • Moreover, if the victim is belongs to other states rather than Delhi and the accident happens in Delhi. Then, he will also eligible to get Free treatment in Delhi hospitals as per officials.
  • In addition to this C.M. Kejeriwal’s government will provide the Rs. 2000 to the person who brings the Victim to the hospital.

Why this type of Scheme is Launch in Delhi?

This is due to the following reasons:-

  1. In case of acid attack, road accident and other misshapen most people take the victim to the government hospitals. In most of the cases they don’t go to private hospitals even the hospital is nearby.
  2. Therefore this results in no treatment in emergency within the Golden hours for such native.
  3. For this reason government launch this scheme to help the victim. And launch free treatment in private as well as government hospitals.

As per government data the annual rate of accidents on the roads of Delhi is 8100. Around 16000 to 21000 peoples are affected by these accidents. As a result around 1700 peoples die on these road accidents.

In conclusion, to reduce the mortality rate in the state Delhi government launched this scheme.

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