FAME Scheme India – Electric vehicle Subsidy scheme in Delhi

December 22, 2017 | By Pradhan Mantri Yojana | Filed in: Delhi.

Delhi government is set a proposal for electric vehicle subsidy scheme under fame scheme India in state. State government will provide the incentives to the peoples who want to go for cleaner energy (electric energy) from Petrol and diesel. Government of Delhi has to go for special infrastructure and ecosystem to switch to Electric buses.

Meanwhile the Pradhanamntrimodi government has already started the fame scheme India for electric vehicles. The name of Central government scheme is FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles).

Details of Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (FAME) fame scheme India and Delhi subsidy scheme

Central government provides different incentives under this fame scheme India. Central government provides incentives to the buyers of electric vehicles for the improvement of sale and acceptance of electric vehicles. Under the motive of best standard of living government launched this scheme. Therefore government brings the Electric vehicles in the Automobile sector.

Moreover, state government is also taking an action for reducing the cost of electric vehicle. By reducing the costs public transport vehicles are also easy to buy. In addition the state government is going to provide subsidy on power consumption of electric vehicles.

Highlights of Delhi Subsidy scheme

Main features of the scheme are as follows: –

  1. State government ensures that with the launch of this scheme the manufacturing of combustion vehicles will not be affected.
  2. Delhi Government will provide the support to all original equipment manufacturers and Indian manufacturers.
  3. Government will support many initiatives like charging systems and lower road taxes.
  4. State Government of Delhi is going to launch 100 electric Bus under fame scheme India of central government. And plans for up to 1000 electric busses in the state.
  5. Central government will provide the subsidy to 5 states in the country. And under this scheme central government pay up to 1 crore for each bus.
  6. So it is up to central government whether they choose Delhi for subsidy of electric buses or not.
  7. Moreover government will include these buses in automobile sector.
  8. Meanwhile, the automobile sector contributes about 7% in Indian GDP (gross domestic product). So up to 3 crore peoples are gets employed in these sectors. In addition government exports around 26% of these manufactured vehicles.


However, electric buses are counted for Himachal Pradesh and Mumbai only. According to Delhi government five companies are listed for the purchase of electric buses. Meanwhile the Companies which manufactured the electric buses to Himachal and Mumbai are same. The buses come for DTC or any other purpose will be decided after cost and availability of the buses.

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