Centre Govt. to give Rs. 2.5 Lakh to every inter caste marriage with Dalit

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Centre government has made revision in B.R. Ambedkar social integration scheme. The revision of scheme is made to empower the SC with inter caste marriage. In addition to this Rs. 2.5 Lakh will be provided to the couple if either bride or bridegroom will belong to Schedule tribe category. Moreover, the central government removes the income barrier of Rs. 5 Lakh. Of course the Income barrier is removed to increase the inter caste dalit marriages. This is the one of the positive move of pradhanmantri Modi government.

Inter caste marriage

Ministry of social justice and empowerment will have to face the problem for its implementation and providing information. As a result the central government will provide the information at block level about this inter caste marriage. So, the Modi government takes action to end the caste system by removing the income barrier of Rs 5 Lakh.

Highlights of Inter caste marriage

The details of this scheme as follows:-

  • The marriage of the couple should be first time. This is the condition of this scheme.
  • Marriage of the couple should be registered under Hindu marriage act and they have to submit documents within 1 year.
  • In addition to this the central government finish the condition of income of newly married couple should not exceed 5 Lakh.
  • No doubt, now newly married inter- cast couple will receive 2.5 Lakh. The condition is that one of bride or bridegroom should be Dalit.
  • On the other hand the target for inter caste marriages are fixed for each state. The target is fixed on the basis of the population of schedule tribe in that state. Furthermore, the target can be increased by state during approval.
  • The amount will be transferred to the beneficiary after providing the Aadhar card details. And bank account details of both of them.

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Why Inter cast Marriage scheme revised?

  • Approval rate was very low: – Previously the approval rate was very low. Therefore the scheme is encouraged for Inter cast marriage. During the time of launch of this scheme they have target of 500 inter cast marriages per year. But they have achieved very small. Which was only 5 in the year 2014-15, 72 in 2015-16, only 45 in the year 2016-2017, 74 in the year 2017-2018. Therefore the approval rate is very low. However, there are many proposals for this scheme but they are not approved. Like 520 applications in the year 2015-2016, 735 applications in the year 2016-2017, And 404 proposals in the year 2017-2018.
  • Lack of awareness:Awareness about Inter caste marriage is very low in district and block level. Maximum applications came from only 2 to three states of India.
  • Terms and conditions was Hard previously: – Inter cast marriage scheme is revised due to less approval rate was there. Approval rate is low because the couples are not meeting all conditions.

Marriage should be with Hindu marriage act but many people don’t meet this requirement of social justice department.

In conclusion, Centre government pradhanmantri modi make every possible change to this scheme to encourage inter caste marriages. These changes are made to deal with traditional way of marriages.





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