BHAVANTAR BHARPAI YOJANA launched for farmers by Haryana government

December 14, 2017 | By Pradhan Mantri Yojana | Filed in: Delhi, Haryana.

State government of Haryana is going to launch the scheme named Bhavantar Bharpai yojna. Yojana is launched to cover the loss of crops of farmers. In this scheme the basic price of the vegetables for the farmers is fixed by the Haryana government. So, the government is going to provide the reward if any farmer sell their vegetables below the basic price. Haryana government is going to launch this scheme from New Year 2018. No doubt, the farmers of the state are going to be benefited by this scheme. Meanwhile this Bhavantar bharpai yojana is already launched in the Madhya Pradesh.

bhavantar bharpai

In the starting phase government will fix the price of four crops. These four includes Potato, Onion, tomato and cauliflower. Main motive of this scheme is that farmers must not face any stress for the base price of their crops. And this is going to implement by the basic rate is equivalent to the farming cost.

In addition, this is the next step of the government to doubling the salary of farmers till 2022.

Main features of Bhavantar Bharpai Yojana

All the details of this scheme are mentioned below:-

  • To resolve farmers stress state government will fix the basic price of the vegetables.
  • Basic price of the vegetables will fix by the government is equivalent to the farming cost.
  • With the fix basic rate the farmers are going to sell their crops in Delhi and national capital region also.
  • In fact this type of farming will generate more money to the farmers as compared to the traditional farming.
  • As a result farmers will not sell the vegetables below than basic fix price. And if any farmer will sell their vegetables, fruits and crops below the basic price fixed by government. Then he will get Bhavantar Bharpai which is equivalent to the farming cost.

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On the other hand government established the international market of vegetables and fruits. Market is created in 500 acre area near Sonepat and Gannaur. To increase the income of farmer government is also going to establish the flower market in NCR region.

Bhavantar bharpai yojana is launched under the I.S.R.O. – ISRAEL project. With this project Haryana government is focus on the quality of fruits and vegetables. In addition to this the state government is going to produce milk production on the basis of this project. In conclusion, the bhavantar bharpai yojana is going to help the farmers of the state. Income of the farmers will increase as per their labour. Also the state government want to increase the living standard of the farmers by increasing their income.

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