Atal Bhoojal Yojana – Pradhanmantri Modi cabinet going to launch Rs.6000 crore water conservation Yojana

December 24, 2017 | By Pradhan Mantri Yojana | Filed in: Pradhanmantri yojana.

Pradhanmantrimodi cabinet is going to launch the Atal Bhoojal Yojana – Water conservation scheme. Water resource ministry is working on Rs.6000 crore worth “Atal Bhoojal Yojana”. Atal bhoojal yojana will improve the condition of all water bodies in the country. Under this scheme the ground level of water will increase and conservation of water will also increase. Nitin Gadkari the Minister of water resources, River development and Ganga rejuvenation said about this scheme in Lok sabha on 21st December 2017. For this project the funds will be arrange by the finance ministry and also by World Bank Nitin Gadkari said in Parliament.

atal bhoojal yojana

Highlights of Atal Bhoojal Yojana

The main features of this yojana are:-

  • Under this scheme the level of ground water will increase and provide the pure water to agriculture lands of farmers.
  • Water resource department is still working on this scheme and after that finance ministry will approve the budget for Atal Bhoojal Yojana.
  • In the past years the level of ground water is decreased to its lowest level. Therefore, motive of this scheme is to improve the water level by conserving water bodies.
  • Ministry of Water resources implement this scheme in all over the country. Therefore the ground water can be used across country mainly in rural areas. Ground water of Ganga River will also be used under this “atal bhoojal yojana”.
  • Pradhanmantrimodi Cabinet set a budget of Rs.6000crore to this scheme. However the Ministry of water resources is still waiting for the approval of Rs.6000crore budget from Finance ministry.
  • Meanwhile there is no announced date specified for this scheme.

atal bhoojal yojana

As per officials the farmers are facing problems of water for agriculture purposes from past many years. Atal Bhoojal yojana will help those who want to get pure and clean water for their use. Scheme will be launched after the approval of budget from finance ministry.








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